The Beginning:

For me, the beginning of Benjamin Zander’s TED Talk is from 0:13 in the video to 0:38.  I think this because from 0:00-0:13 is just the intro given before every TED video and from 0:13-0:38, we don’t know what the talk is going to be about, but when we reach 0:38, that is when we switch over to classical music, the main subject of this talk.

The Middle:

The middle of this talk stretches from 0:38-19:00.  During this time Benjamin Zander talks about classical music and teaches the audience how we can all enjoy it and how he knows if we enjoy it by the look in our eyes, etc.  But one of the things he tells us is how we automatically know when the end is coming, and how with the Chaupain piece he is playing, we go from B to C to A to G to F and because we have heard these notes, our brains expect an E to end the piece.  At 19:00, we are given our E.

The End:

The end of this talk begins at 19:00.  At this point Benjamin Zander says “I have one last thought”.  This is our E.  He tells ‘After I say what I am about to say, this talk is over.’