Updated as of 09/28/11

I believe that I could make a very interesting infographic on YouTube.  The infographic would show how many videos are watched per week, uploaded per week, accounts made per week, comments made per week, likes and dislikes per week, favourites per week and subscriptions per week.

To obtain this information, I would use YouTube statistics page, which has this kind of information.  The information would be displayed in a way that looks like a youtube video page, using the account, views, likes/dislikes, comments, etc., placeholders to display the information.  This would be visually appealing to the viewer, and it would be familiar to them in a way that relates directly to the subject.

For example, the video player would have the title of the infographic, something along the lines of “How do people use YouTube in a week?”, the view count would show how many views per week, the comments number would be how many comments are made per week with the top comments for the most viewed videos of all time on YouTube below, the username above the video with the user’s video count would show how many videos are uploaded per week, and the related/suggested videos bar at the side would have the additional information that does not have a placeholder on the page.